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Your Source for Quality Eye Care in Richmond KY

Whether you need an optometrist for a routine eye exam, to find the right pair of contact lenses or eye glasses, or for more advanced eye care services, you want to know that the eye doctor you are seeing has the right experience, expertise, and demeanor to make you comfortable on your visit. With years of outstanding service in the community, our optometrist, Dr. Thea Shearer has a reputation for excellence.

From our eye care center in Richmond KY our optometrist, Dr. Thea Shearer, also provides optometry and eye exam services to Irvine, Berea and the surrounding areas.

Take a moment to review the wide range of optometry services we have available for you:

Looking for an Optometrist in Richmond, KY?

Better vision has a direct impact on your quality of life. Only you can ensure that your eyes are in good health by taking time for regular vision check-ups to our clinic in Richmond, Kentucky. We're just minutes away from Berea and Irvine.

Our state of the art equipment and comprehensive eye exams are among the best you will find, designed to go far beyond simple prescription writing (although we do write and fill eye glass prescriptions!). Early detection and treatment of eye disease are critical for long term vision health.

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