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Change Your Lenses – Your Eyes Depend On It!

Do you ever leave your soft contact lenses in for more time than recommended? It's a basic fact that a lot of things are at their best when they are fresh. It's no surprise that the same idea can be used to understand the importance of changing your lenses. As a rule, you shouldn't keep your contacts in for any longer than you've been instructed to. Although it might be tempting to use them just one more time, if you want to help your eyes stay healthy, follow the lens regime that your eye care professional decides on. So, if your optometrist tells you to change them monthly, then change them every month, because they can't withstand reuse.

You might ask, can't I just squeeze a few more days out of them? To answer this, let's take a look at protein - not the dietary kind, but the natural protein in your tears that builds up gradually on your lenses, creating a mild haze. Unclear vision is only the first symptom.

Sooner or later, these proteins evolve and trick your immune system into thinking the formation is a foreign particle, and this can lead to inflammation in the eye. And when this occurs, your vision won't be working at its best. Other factors can also attribute to this, like the build up of dust or pollen on the lens But even when people take great care of their contacts, as time passes, they stop being as smooth and clear, due to normal wear and tear.

It's smart to commit to the routine your optometrist advises for you. If you dispose of and replace your lenses when you're told to, you will never notice the difference that becomes quickly apparent when you wear them any longer than you're meant to.